Kukla’s teams of experts manage the seamless movement of our client’s cargo through critical port facilities, complemented by efficient local storage and timely last-mile deliveries. Leveraging both Kukla-owned and long-term partner port services, we streamline loading and unloading operations, thus reducing turnaround times and transit costs. From technical handling and equipment to customs clearance documentation and compliance, our integrated approach ensures that your supply chain operates at peak efficiency.

Thanks to Kukla’s critical port facilities and partner services, we ensure the smooth transition of your cargo into warehouses storage or onward shipping.

In today’s fast-paced market, minimising inventory costs and enhancing production efficiency are more critical than ever for our clients. Two strategies that are pivotal in achieving these objectives are Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) shipping. For both methods, Kukla’s teams of experts ensure the synchronisation of your supply chain to ensure that components and materials arrive exactly when and where they are needed, but they each have unique characteristics and benefits.

Just-In-Time shipping is a strategy that aims to reduce inventory costs by having supplies delivered precisely at the moment they are required. This approach not only cuts down on storage needs but also minimises waste due to overproduction and excess inventory. Kukla’s JIT solutions provide a robust coordination between suppliers, transporters, and your production or distribution with the following benefits:

Reduced Inventory Costs: By receiving goods only as they are needed, companies can significantly lower the cost associated with holding and managing inventory.

Increased Efficiency: JIT promotes a leaner, more streamlined operation by reducing the clutter and inefficiencies of overstocking.

Enhanced Quality Control: With smaller batch sizes and frequent deliveries, any quality issues are identified and addressed more quickly.

Just-In-Sequence takes JIT a step further by delivering also in the precise order they are to be used. This method is particularly important for our manufacturing clients, where components must be assembled in a specific sequence. JIS reduces the need for sorting and reordering upon delivery, which can significantly optimise your production process thanks to:.

Reduced Handling Time: Components arrive ready to use in the order required, which minimises handling time and speeds up the production process.

Decreased Risk of Error: Delivering parts in sequence directly to the assembly line reduces the potential for errors in the manufacturing process.

Optimised Production Flow: JIS supports a smoother, more continuous production flow, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

shipping and container security preparations
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Implementing JIT and JIS in Your Supply Chain. To successfully implement JIT and JIS, our experts first establish a in depth understanding of your supply chain dynamics and the required logistics:

  1. Thorough Planning and Forecasting: Accurate demand forecasting is crucial to determine the necessary supply requirements without overestimating needs.
  2. Technology Integration: Utilising advanced supply chain management software and warehouse facilities to synchronise delivery schedules with production needs.
  3. Supplier Collaboration: Close communication and collaboration with suppliers and our transport teams are essential to ensure stringent timing requirements.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Regularly reviews with our clients to refine and address any  changes in production demands.

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