When it comes to transporting consignments, our partners benefit from advanced warehousing services at strategic post and inland locations. In the case of transferring cargo from ship to shore, or short/mid-term storage coupled with scheduled, last mile deliveries along with cross docking, Kukla specialises in maintaining the integrity of your goods throughout their onward journey.

At Kukla Transport and Logistics, we prioritize not only the efficient handling of shipments but also the safety and security of the cargo itself.
shipping and container security preparations

A key component of our cargo preparation strategy involves the use of airbags. These inflatable bags are strategically placed between cargo loads to cushion and stabilise goods during transit, with the following advantages:

Damage Prevention: Shocks and vibrations from the road, rail, or sea are absorbed to protect fragile items.

Versatility: Suitable for almost all types of consignments, airbags can be used in containers, trailers, and even rail cars. They are adjustable and can be inflated to fit different spaces, depending on cargo shape and size.

Cost-Effectiveness: As a sustainable option, Airbags are reusable and easy to install, thus reducing the need for more costly protective materials.

The Importance of Effective Cargo Preparation

Securing cargo properly is essential for preventing damage that can occur during transportation, especially when dealing with multimodal shipments that involve multiple handling points.

Our warehousing facilities ensure effective cargo preparation so that goods remain intact and are delivered in pristine condition, enhancing your supply chain operations and minimising the risk of delays further up the logistics chain.

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Our expertise in cargo preparations is backed by years of experience across a vast network of warehousing locations in Europe and beyond. . With Kukla’s tailored solutions and commitment to compliance along your individual supply chains, your logistics operations can achieve new heights of efficiency and effectiveness:

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