Kukla is proud to announce our latest achievement: obtaining the Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) certification in yet another of our branches: Spain. This milestone is not just a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in international shipping and customs operations but also opens up an expansive array of enhanced services for our partners worldwide, particularly in the specialised field of alcohol products transportation.

What Does AEOF Certification Mean for Kukla?

The AEOF certification is a prestigious status granted to companies that meet strict customs compliance and supply chain security standards, recognised internationally. For Kukla, this certification means that we have been acknowledged for our adherence to stringent safety and security measures in our logistics processes, particularly important when handling sensitive products like alcohol.

AEOF certification - Kukla Transport and Logistics

What Are The Benefits Of AEOF Certification For Our Partners ?

Enhanced Compliance and Security. As an AEOF certified entity, Kukla ensures that all operations adhere to the highest customs standards, significantly reducing the risk of delays due to customs issues and enhancing the security of shipments.

Expert Handling of Alcohol Products. Our team of locally based experts is specially trained in the nuances of customs documentation and processes specific to alcohol products. This expertise allows us to manage all aspects of customs procedures efficiently, ensuring compliance and swift deliveries to various destinations.

Increased Efficiency in Supply Chain. The AEOF status streamlines our customs processes, allowing for faster clearance and fewer inspections. This results in a more efficient supply chain, with quicker delivery times and reduced operational delays.

Global Reach and Reliability. With this certification, Kukla strengthens its capabilities to serve an international client base, offering more reliable and trusted customs and shipping services across the globe.

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The AEOF certification is a significant achievement for Kukla, reflecting our dedication to excellence in global logistics services. By partnering with  Kukla, we take pride in providing enhanced security, compliance, and efficiency to all stages of your supply chain .

This certification enhances our comprehensive range of transport and logistics services, reinforcing our ability to manage complex logistics challenges, across all of our transport services below :